Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy that involves placing a negatively pressured cup on the skin to stimulate the flow of blood and Qi to aid in pain relief.


Blood brings oxygen to the muscles for fuel.  When a tight muscle can hold onto blood for longer than it should.  This depletes the blood of nutrients and fills it with metabolic waste.  This perpetuates the muscle tightness because new blood cannot enter as easily to supply the muscle with the energy and nutrients it needs to relax. Tight muscles can turn into trigger points that are filled with dirty, stagnated blood.  

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The therapy is painless but can cause some tenderness after.  Tenderness is typically minimal and lessens with consecutive treatments.  The amount and color of the blood correlates with how tight the muscle is.  The darker the color the more dirty and stagnated that blood is from a tighter muscle.  Spots with little to no blood correlate to relaxed muscles with little stagnation.  




The negative pressure of the cup draws the skin and soft tissues below the skin into the cup.  Soon after, the stagnated blood is drawn towards the surface of the skin.  By pulling the stagnated blood from the muscles to the skin it is being reintroduced into circulation where it can get cleaned up and perform its duties once more.  








Cupping is a great treatment modality for any kind of pain, tight and sore muscles, trigger points, and respiratory congestion!