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Dr. Winkelmann is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Chiropractor which gives him a distinct advantage to treating his patients.  His holistic approach to care focuses on...

  • Finding and treating the root cause of your concern

  • Treating the whole person

  • Giving you the tools you need to get out of pain fast and prevent further pain

  • Returning you to true health, not just covering up symptoms

  • Providing health care that meets your health goals and wishes

Stop covering up symptoms and using treatments that only provide temporary fixes (and cause more harm than good) and start getting care that works!

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Patient Testimonials

I never thought that I would feel this much better so quickly.  Thank you so much Dr. Winkelmann.     -Sonja M.

Some of the best medical care I have ever had!  Thanks Dr. Jason.     -David B.

I highly recommend Dr. Winkelmann for your chiropractic needs. After suffering for weeks with a throbbing pain running down my neck and along my shoulder, after one adjustment (which I won't lie terrifies me) from Dr. Winkelmann, 24 hours later I was pain free. He said it may take multiple adjustments since I wasn't one to have regular adjustments, and after the relief I felt I will continue going back. Dr. Winkelmann was aware of my hesitancy but was very calming and helped me through it all. I won't hesitate again. Thanks Dr. Winkelmann!!!     -Terry P.

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