Immune System Screening

Now more than ever our immune systems are being put to the test.  Our immune system is an amazingly intricate system that is constantly adapting to our ever changing world to not only keep us healthy, but keep us alive!  Some of the most vital components of our immune system are:

  1. T Cells
    • ​Part of the immune system that focuses on specific foreign particles
    • Instead of attacking just any foreign substance, they circulate until they encounter their intended target such as viruses and infectious diseases.
  2. ​B Cells
    • Fight bacteria and viruses by creating antibodies specific to the target pathogen.  

  3. Th1/Th2

    • T helper cells are a type of white blood cells that serve as a key mediator of immune function

    • Play a central role in normal immune responses by producing factors that activate virtually all the other immune system cells

    • Th1 dominance may result in inflammation and autoimmunity, while Th2 dominance may result in asthma, allergies, and hyper-sensitivities to environmental factors

  4. CD4

    • Identify antigens on the surface of invading pathogens

    • Induce other immune cells to trigger an immune response by secreting cytokines 

  5. CD8​

    • Also known as cytotoxic T Cells​

    • Induce cell death of the virus infected cells or tumor cells by lysis or apoptosis 

  6. Treg

    • ​Regulatory T cells have a role in regulating or suppressing other cells in the immune system

    • Tregs control the immune response to self and foreign particles (antigens) and help prevent autoimmune disease

  7. Th17

    • ​Provides protection against microbes that Th1 or Th2 immunity are not well suited for, such as extracellular bacteria and some fungi

  8. Natural Killer Cells

    • ​NK cells are best known for killing virally infected cells, and detecting and controlling early signs of cancer

The world is unpredictable but the integrity of your immune system no longer is!



The Lymphocyte MAP by Cyrex Laboratories

  • The Lymphocyte MAP™, is an innovative new test which establishes a new standard in screening the immune system. It measures the integrity of the immune system at the cellular level to help identify a patient’s immune status and immunotype(s), based on 29 key biomarkers and determinants

  • It utilizes an advanced proprietary flow cytometry method, which combines cutting-edge laser technology with monoclonal antibodies, to precisely measure the properties of living cells such as size, shape, density and granularity which results in a precise count of various lymphocyte subpopulations

  • This helps identify patterns of imbalance of T cells, B cells and Natural Killer cells. It then organizes these patterns into specific immunotypes to provide an invaluable picture of the immune system

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 10.46.53 PM.png


The test can be ordered for you anywhere in the country.  All you have to do is take the order to a blood draw site near you for collection and the rest is taken care of!