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Dr. Winkelmann is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Chiropractor which gives him a distinct advantage to treating his patients.  His holistic approach to care focuses on...

  • Finding and treating the root cause of your concern

  • Treating the whole person

  • Giving you the tools you need to heal yourself and put chronic disease into remission 

  • Returning you to true health, not just covering up symptoms

Stop covering up symptoms and using treatments that only provide temporary fixes (and cause more harm than good) and start getting care that works!

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Patient Testimonials

I never thought that I would feel this much better so quickly.  Thank you so much Dr. Winkelmann.     -Sonja M.

Some of the best medical care I have ever had!  Thanks Dr. Jason.     -David B.

Dr. Winkelmann is an amazing doctor that strives to provide the best healthcare experience for his patients. He is not interested in simply masking the root issue with medication, but rather works to fix the issue itself. Dr. Winkelmann is compassionate, caring, and honest during his appointments. I would absolutely recommend him to any family, friends, or those that are searching for an alternative to western medicine.     -Molly P.

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