I first went to see Dr. Winkelmann because I wanted a naturopathic perspective on my health. I wanted to treat causes rather than symptoms. Over a period of several months I saw the doctor almost every week. We discussed all of my concerns including diet and nutrition, blood pressure, cholesterol and more. Dr. Winkelmann's enthusiasm and willingness to talk about every aspect of these matters made each visit a pleasure. I highly recommend this doctor for his willingness to study carefully each problem that is brought to him.

Stan A

Terry P

I highly recommend Dr. Winkelmann for your chiropractic needs. After suffering for weeks with a throbbing pain running down my neck and along my shoulder, after one adjustment (which I won't lie terrifies me) from Dr. Winkelmann, 24 hours later I was pain free. He said it may take multiple adjustments since I wasn't one to have regular adjustments, and after the relief I felt I will continue going back. Dr. Winkelmann was aware of my hesitancy but was very calming and helped me through it all. I won't hesitate again. Thanks Dr. Winkelmann!!!

Dr. Winkelmann is amazing. He is compassionate, honest and efficient. For those looking for an alternative approach to their health concerns, Dr. Winkelmann will take the time to find the root causes for your problems and treat them. I never do reviews, but felt like I needed to share how great Dr. Winkelmann is. HIGHLY recommend.

Peter K

Dr. Winkelmann is an amazing doctor that strives to provide the best healthcare experience for his patients. He is not interested in simply masking the root issue with medication, but rather works to fix the issue itself. Dr. Winkelmann is compassionate, caring, and honest during his appointments. I would absolutely recommend him to any family, friends, or those that are searching for an alternative to western medicine.

Molly P

I have seen Dr. Winkelmann for both naturopathic and chiropractic care when he was an intern at the university. I was having pretty severe issues with headaches that would last several days at a time on and off for about 4 months until I decided to seek help. He used chiropractic manual therapies and fused them with his knowledge of naturopathic medicine and the severity of my headaches improved very rapidly. I had the opportunity to receive chiropractic care from him once a week until I moved away. Sad I am no longer in the area or he would still be my doctor

Mindy N

Dr. Winkelmann is very knowledgeable and able to get to the core of physical ailments . He is an excellent naturopath/chiropractor and I look forward to being healthier and stronger with his care.

Jill V

I never thought that I would feel this much better so quickly.  Thank you so much Dr. Winkelmann.

Sonja M

Really good at explaining the body-bones, muscles, etc and what each area does, how things are impacted.  I appreciate the education.  Thanks!

Anne H

Some of the best medical care I have ever had!  Thanks Dr. Jason.

David B

Dr. Winkelmann is very attentive and I appreciate that, excited to work with him.

Felicia R

Dr. Winkelmann is extremely kind, patient, informative and effective!  I am so happy to be in his care.  Highly recommended!

Mary J